Should I park in the short term or long term parking?

Parking is one of the primary concerns for those visiting the Love Field Airport. Love Field Airport is one of the biggest airports in Dallas. It is at a distance of nearly 10 kilometers from downtown Dallas. Love Field Airport used to be the main airport in Dallas until 1974. When Fort Worth International Airport opened up, it slid down to the second place. Nevertheless, it is still a busy airport. If you are looking to visit this airport, you must know about the different aspects of parking here. One of the most common questions on the minds of those who visit the Love Field Airport is whether they should park in the short-term parking or the long-term parking. There are many significant differences between both types of parking. If you face any such confusion as well, you are in the right place. We will tell you all about the difference between the short-term parking and the long-term parking, as well as what parking at Love Field costs.

Parking at Love Field Airport

Love Field airport in the year 2017 alone served more than 15.5 million passengers. There were also updates worth $519 million made to the airport. The parking here is divided into different parts in the form of lots. The rate of each lot is different. These lots also offer various features, such as short-term parking and long-term parking. If you are unaware of these two terms, you may end up making the wrong choice and spending needless dollars.

Short-term parking at Love Field Airport

The short-term parking is for those looking to park their vehicles on an hourly basis. The charges in the short term parking are also on an hourly basis. If you park in the short-term parking for less then 30 minutes the parking is free, but from half an hour to one hour the price will be $4. The prices for 1-2 hours are $6. For 2-3 hours, the rates are $10. Similarly, for 3-5 hours, the rates are $13. For 5-24 hours, the prices are $17.

Long-term parking at Love Field Airport

The long-term parking is for people who are looking to park their cars for longer time-periods. The parking costs in the long term-parking are on a daily and weekly basis. In terms of long-term parking, the rates are $17 an hour. Per day, the prices are $8 per 24 hours. The valet parking charges $24 an hour. In the long-term remote lot, the parking is $6 per hour. The per-day charges for garage B of this airport are $13 per hour.


You need to pay heed to the different forms of parking here at Love Field Airport. If you are unable to differentiate between the two, you may end up incurring significantly higher costs of parking. However, by making the right choices here, you can save significant amounts of money. You must know beforehand about the duration of your parking. Also, it would be best if you made proper arrangements to make sure you do not face any last-minute snafu in this regard such as getting late.