Storm over Lake Ontario

A storm passed over Lake Ontario this past Tuesday, and even though I was prepared (umbrella, towels, flashlight), this one was little too close for comfort. I did get out of there however, as soon as I thought I might be pushing it.  Here’s how it felt being out there:

Imagine you’re sitting in a dry spot on the shore just focused on setting up your camera and racing against the impending wind and rain. Keep in mind though – it’s pitch black, so you don’t notice any clouds whatsoever. Okay – camera is ready to go…

And then… [click] … [shutter is open] …. [6 seconds go by] …. [click] … [shutter closes] …

Now let’s have a look at that photo!  (Remember, pitch black!)

So I hit the photo review button; have a look—and… “Oh my God! … What is that cloud right in front of me!?


May 16, 2015

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