How much is short term parking?

One of the major problems facing most airports throughout the world is the parking problem. Most airports today handle more passengers than in previous years. A rise in the number of passengers means that the airports should increase the terminals and airport parking lots to cater for these passengers. It is challenging to find an open space in the airport parking Bristol. That is why most people prefer to park at an off-site parking lot then use an airport shuttle to the terminals.

There are two parking options at the airport. You can either park your car on a short term or a long term basis. The main differences between the two parking options are the rate of parking, the number of days you will be parking and the proximity to the airport terminals. If you want to park your vehicle long-term, this means you will be traveling for more than seven days. The rates will be lower than in short-term parking. This video will help you understand the different parking options in major airports.

Features and prices of short term parking

Short-term parking is a good option for picking up and dropping off passengers. Most people opt for this type of parking. The rates are calculated per hour or sometimes per day basis according to airport parking Bristol officials. Different factors will determine how much you’ll pay if you park your car short-term.

  1. Convenience

Nothing comes for free, and you should pay for convenience. Most short-term parking lots are located near the terminals, and this is why you must use the short term parking at the airport to pick up passengers from the arrivals terminal and drop off passengers in the departures terminal. The rate here is for every 24 hours you pay 45 British pounds. It is expensive but convenient, considering the cost of parking long-term then hiring a cab to the airport since long-term parking lots are further away from the airport.

  1. Number of days

If the hours you park exceed 24 hours, then your parking rates will be calculated on per day basis. Different parking zones charge different prices. After three days, you will accumulate a total of 81 sterling pounds. If you park for a total of 5 days, you will have to pay 123 pounds. There will be a fixed charge of 10 pounds per day after the five days have elapsed. This is why most people consider short-term parking to be more expensive than long-term parking. For more information on the prices visit this site.

  1. Discounts

Most airport parking websites give you a discount if you book your space in advance. You will find that you will pay less than the actual price of booking on the same day. It is proposed to reserve your spot in advance to avoid mishaps and delays that occur when you can’t find a parking space. According to this site, if you pre-book your parking spot for eight days, you will pay 34 pounds. If you pay on the same day you park, you will have to pay 84 pounds.


Short-term parking at the airport is very convenient for you, due to its proximity to the terminals. It might be expensive in the long run, but it is always advisable to book your space at the airport parking lot in advance. This way you will pay less, and you are guaranteed to get a spot to park your vehicle.

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