How Much Does It Cost to Get Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy efficient windows are a good way to cut on bills. They conserve energy by trapping the warm and cold air. You can be able to save form about $100 to $500 per year. Apart from saving you from bills, they improve the overall lighting of the house. The windows also prevent noise pollution. You will have a peaceful and quiet home. The costs for buying the windows vary depending on a number of factors. Some might be cheap while others will be costly. However, the end result will give you great benefits after spending some money. It will depend on the materials and design used.

Frame material used

There are different materials used for the insulation of the windows. They are in approximate costs

  • Vinyl windows

They will cost from $250 to 600 to purchase them. The windows are long-lasting. They come in great warranties too. They don’t react to any changes in the weather. They can be trusted to serve you for quite some time.

  • Wood windows

On average the wood windows range from $600 to 2000. They need to be painted so as not to rot away. After painting, they are strong and attractive. They bring a sense of beauty to the windows.

  • Fiberglass

It is priced as from$600 to 900. It is stronger than vinyl. It is however not commonly used due to the competition it has with vinyl.

  • Aluminum

This metal costs between $400 to 1200. It is readily available. It is also durable due to its sturdy nature.

  • Composite

It is a beautiful frame with a price margin of $300 to 1100. It is a composition of wood fiber and PVC polymers. The result is a durable frame that is stunning.


The design used

  • Double hung windows

The price is at $150 to 650 and comes with flexibility. The sashes can move both up down. It is easy to open. Other designs will allow the window to move inwards. This will make the cleaning work easy.

  • Single hung windows

It is affordable than double hung. Its budget is at $100 to 400. The sash moves in one direction either up or down.

  • Casement windows

The cost will be between $150 to 1000. They are wide open to allow free air circulation. With the best ventilation, you can enjoy having the casement windows.

  • Custom Windows

They are the most expensive ones from$500 to 5000. The prices can go higher depending on the manufacturer. They are the best windows to install even though they are pricy.

They fall on the price range of $650 to 2500. It gives room for a fire escape. An exit can be created with egress windows which is amazing. They are commonly used for bedrooms.

  • Bay and bow

They cost from $600 to 4500. They work hand in hand with each other to have a complete window. They will need some good framing and flashing. Roofing is also needed due to their protruding nature.


The benefits that come with energy efficient windows are incredible. Their costs vary according to the material. The best materials should be durable. The finishing is done by professionals who are certified. The contractors should do a tidy job.

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