How Do You Take Care of Henna Eyebrows?

What is Henna Eyebrows?

Eyebrows are one of the most powerful and highlighted features of the human face, which can drastically change the appearance of both males and females. Henna is an alternative of tinting eyebrows, as henna Is just a coating of the hair color and makes the hair look thicker and darker, whereas tinting is dying eyebrows, which causes hair turn white quickly. Henna is much more natural and lasts longer on eyebrows as compared to tinting eyebrows. Henna is not a new product in the market, nowadays it can be purchased in; it is commonly used in India as temporary tattoos on hand or other body parts. In India, it is known as Mehndi.

How to apply Henna on eyebrows?

Firstly, the henna powder needs to be mixed in lemon juice to form a paste. Clean your eyebrows thoroughly with alcohol wipes. After that, apply petroleum gel or Shea butter on eyebrows. After few minutes apply the henna gently on eyebrows with Q tips and repeat the application until there is a thick layer of henna on the eyebrows. Remove the henna smoothly with the help of kitchen wrap after 2 hours and wash it with warm water. After drying the eyebrows, put Shea butter again to avoid any allergies.

Aftercare of henna eyebrows

There are straightforward ways to take care of henna eyebrows, which are as following:

  1. Do not wet your eyebrows till 24 hours of application
  2. Avoid any makeup product as well afterward for a day
  3. Try using less cleaning products on eyebrows
  4. Do not go in dusty areas
  5. Do not put any cream until the henna color is wholly faded away.
  6. Avoid going in sun or sun tanning beds, as it not only fades the color away but also can cause allergies.

Pros and cons of henna eyebrows


Pros of henna eyebrows:
One of the most significant advantages of henna eyebrows is that it is all-natural and a better option than dying or tinting the eyebrows. Another considerable advantage is colored not only the hair but also the skin as well which gives the illusion of thicker eyebrows even if the color is faded away from the hair of eyebrows.

Cons of henna eyebrows:
A significant disadvantage of henna is that it is challenging to apply as the paste is very thick. Few people complain that the color of henna fades away quickly, and because of the thick paste they unable to use on all hair of eyebrows.

Final thoughts

Many beauticians suggest clients use henna on eyebrows after every two weeks as it is all-natural and cause no harm to hair or skin. The henna is not just harmless but also is an easily affordable product. For example there is a famous brow kit named ‘Mina eyebrow henna’ available on Amazon, which is only $12.95. It is a popular option these days. From one packet, there can be 30 applications done quickly. The reference picture is shown above.

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