Can shoes cause injury?

Running and outdoor walking requires you to wear suitable footwear. If your choice of shoe is wrong you will experience a lot of strain in the knees, ankles, and feet which can lead to needless pain and injury.

Sports shoes, exclusive timberlands, and other closed flat shoes are recommended for hiking. They offer great support and cushioning thereby minimizing cases of injuries. Your shoe for outdoor activities should be larger than your standard shoe size to avoid blisters and other discomforts.

Your shoe of choice should be able to provide heel cushioning, ankle support and provide adequate arch. Ill-fitting shoes can also cause injuries when running, your shoe of choice for running should, therefore, be half size larger than the standard size. The wrong type of shoe for running is the main cause of feet and ankle problems. Here are some injuries that occur as a result of the wrong choice of running shoe.

Runner’s knee is a common injury as a result of the wrong footwear. It is caused by a constant pounding of feet on the pavement. Runner’s knee is characterized by pain behind the knee cap. It is caused by muscle imbalance when running downhill. Anti-inflammatory medications and knee braces are used against runner’s knee.

Other footwear related injuries include blisters, stress fracture, patella tendinitis, ankle sprain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, foot pain, and Iliotibial band syndrome. These injuries make it difficult to move, you become indoor sentenced. With a suitable shoe on your feet, you are less likely to have these injuries. Athletes are also able to perform better only when with perfect footwear on their feet.

Flip flops are good for summer but they pose your feet to a lot of danger. They not only easily slip out but also lead to ankle sprains and offer very little cushioning. Flip flops should only be worn indoor or when you’re heading to the beach or swimming pool. Flats can be a good alternative for flip flops but make sure to buy the one that offers you good support and cushioning.

Wedges and espadrilles can also cause pain, inflammation, and injuries due to their side-by-side instability. This side-by-side instability makes it easy to lose balance and twist your ankle. They also shift your weight to the ball of your foot resulting in inflammations and midfoot pain. You should avoid wedges that are too high. Go for those with a wider heel as it gives much support.

You might be thinking you’re wearing the right shoe because you are not having any pain but there are other symptoms of wrong footwear. They include bruised toe and toenails, arches ache, corns, calluses, blisters, a change in walking or running style, toenail loss and wetness after wearing the shoes.

For better performance, if you’re an athlete having perfect footwear gives you more stability and cushioning making it easy for you to run faster. Too heavy shoes should be avoided in sports, they give a lot of stress to the ankle and the knee reducing your performance.

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