5 Common Myths of Being a Private Investigator

In several instances, we find ourselves looking for the services of reputable private investigators. For example, when we want to know the truth behind something that may have happened in our lives, we can always reach out to Truth Private Investigators in Melbourne. However, there are many things that most individuals don’t know regarding private investigators. If you have been a private investigator for quite a while, you have probably heard individuals saying things that are wrong regarding this career. Due to the lack of information, individuals have several myths regarding private investigators as we are going to see in this article.

Myths Regarding Private Investigators

1. All PI’s Handle Similar Tasks
Ask most individuals and they will tell you that all private investigators are the same and they deal with a similar task. However, this is not the truth. There are different PI’s and they all handle different tasks. For instance, there are:

  • Forensic computer Investigators – Their role is to recover/retrieve deleted data. Such data may have been deleted from computers used in committing criminal offences.
  • Corporate Investigators – Their role is to investigate potential embezzlement plus other criminal offences within a company.
  • Financial Investigator – They work for investment banks or accounting firms and they help to locate any hidden asset.
  • Loss Prevention – Their role is to protect retailers in their businesses.
  • Generalized PI’s – These can handle a variety of tasks such as skip-tracing, surveillance or background checks

2. PI’s Can Access Your Credit Reports if They Want
This is yet another myth that individuals have regarding private investigators. Individuals think that private investigators are allowed to access your credit report anyhow. However, this is not the case and if they do so they will be breaking the law. To access your credit report, they will need your consent.

3. PI’s are Self-Employed
Most of us tend to think that private investigators are self-employed. However, the truth of the matters is that not all PI’s are self-employed. Most of them work for a big investigating firm or big business/ companies. For example, security companies.

4. Being A PI is Dangerous Career
This is another big myth that individuals have. They normally think that the life of private investigators is very complicated and that they work under dangerous conditions. Some individuals are even afraid of being PIs simply because of this baseless myth. The truth of the matter is that PI’ doesn’t work under such situations and that their job is one of the best. They do have offices just like other individuals. They have time to work in the office and in the field.

5. PI’s can Arrest You
Most individuals think that private investigator is legally allowed to play the role of police, however, this is not the case. There is a big difference between what police can do and what private investigators can do. Whereas a police officer would comfortably arrest you anytime you commit an offence, PI’s can’t. Instead, PI’s gather information that can help police to arrest you. In some rare cases, PI’s can be given the go-ahead to arrest you.

The above are some of the many myths that individuals have regarding PI. Having read the above you now know what is true and what is not true. Be informed and avoid being misguided by myths. Thank you!

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